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Baker Beach Celebration

Posted on Sep 23, 2013

Andrew and I did a bike day together to celebrate his job offer at ElaCarte. A hubby-wife lay off combination is not fun, and so we are VERY relieved. Here’s our route:

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 9.00.47 PM

We started at home and went to the Wave Organ, it was a beautiful sunny day, and the America’s Cup was there too, which we did not foresee, but it was still rad. We went at high tide, the optimal time to go!

What an awesome view!

What an awesome view!

After the Organ, we hit up Baker Beach, and man was I huffing. We of course went the most hilly way. Here I am at the top though, it was pretty stunning!


Baker Beach is the beach that is known by the locals to be the favorite beach in SF. It’s also known as the nude beach-coincidence?? I think it’s mainly a favorite because of the stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and because it’s mostly bay side, and on the West side of the bridge, and very off the beaten path, it’s quieter than the Wharf, um it’s not the Wharf at all, no tourists, not as cold and windy as Ocean Beach, and it’s just beautiful to see SeaCliff to the west, the bridge to the east, and hilly woods to the south. Drew and I meditated to the sound of the ocean:)

The bridge between us

The bridge between us


After Baker Beach, we biked to the Sunset and checked out a food co-op there called Other Avenues, and then ate at a raw vegan eatery called Judahlicious. Hehe-pretty great. I forget what I had, but it looked like this:


It was raw veggies on top of seeded bread, drizzled with cashew sauce, pesto, and a turmeric sauce. I also had a blue green algae shot and a water kefir from the co-op. NOM!

Then we went home, phew! It was nice to do a day together of exploring.