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High Heels

Posted on Nov 7, 2010

I hate them.  They make your spinal alignment and balance all outta whack.  They force you to push your butt out to compensate for standing on your toes, thus your chest has to push out to compensate for your butt.  Gee, talk about convenient design.


Women claim they feel more feminine in heels, so they wear them despite the blisters, tight calves, aching toes that are forced into a triangle, sore ankles from having to over compensate for balancing on a surface area of a pin. All this, (and more) just to be pretty.  I’m sorry, I’m not sure I believe that.  I don’t feel more feminine being several inches taller than men.  I don’t feel more feminine feeling like I have to balance on a tightrope every time I take a step.  I don’t feel more feminine by wanting to take off my heels anytime I am not walking in them.  I thought clothing/accessories are supposed to enhance and encourage a love for your body, not force your body to hate you.  Anyway, my idea of femininity involves comfort, flexibility and adaptability, strength, basically, honoring your body with what you wear.  Then this gets into the discussion of what does it mean to “honor” one’s body.

I do own ONE pair of heels.  They are black, sturdy 2″ wedges.  I can actually walk in them and my feet don’t hurt (unless I am standing for over 4 hours, but that is more due to the fact that we weren’t meant to stand that long at one time without moving significantly, than anything else). I am more okay with a heel if it does satisfy a woman in terms of comfort, moveability, etc. I understand the desire to look and feel different, even if it involves a little more discomfort than a pair of sweatpants.  However, I prefer shoes like the ones made by Earth.



Earth brand is great because they actually have what they call a “negative heel” technology, which means they slant the heel of each sole at a 3.7 degree decline.  Meaning, the heel is actually lower than the ball of the foot. Why the heck would this be a good design?  Well, humans naturally stand this way.  If a barefoot human stood naturally in mud, this is the incline of the foot, because we carry more weight on our heels, generally. So, a shoe that honors the body. Now, that is what I call feminine!

Heels were actually first worn by men. Mongolian horseman wore heels so their feet would not slide out of stirrups.  Egyptian (a culture with many fashion forward styles we continue to borrow) butchers wore heels so they would not step completely in organ scraps, etc.  Romans and Japanese wore them to keep their feet elevated amongst the dirt and litter on the streets.

So, in these more historical examples, the heels were more practical than anything else.  So in these cases, this was clothing, not fashion. Fascinating how the tables have turned, now women primarily wear them for fashion sake, because honestly, it’s the most impractical decision in terms of footwear. Another burning question of mine is, men out there, how attractive is it to you when women wear heels?  Many women wear heels so they can be attractive…to themselves, but also to men.  Is it working?