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New Arting: Fabric Jewelry

Posted on October 17, 2011

I decided to move on from my previous job in order to give me some *REAL* time to focus on getting something going that I’ve wanted to for a while, but never could gather the energy and time together to make it happen while working. I’m very proud of what’s come of it, and really it didn’t take as long as I thought, although I have more I want to do to get my stuff out there, but for now, it exists on Etsy. Check out my store!

I named my line Ria. At first I just liked how it sounded, and wanted something short, easy to remember, feminine and powerful sounding. It turns out though that a ria is an inlet of water that forms between a big body of water and a river. So, I felt that was extra fitting for me:) Ria is a way for the world to connect to me.

I’m very excited about fabric jewelry, because not only is it just as beauteous as beads and jewels and chains and all that hard stuff, it’s super lightweight, flexible, and my pieces are all from recycled materials. The black felt that I am using is actually from my grandparents, specifically my grandpa used it as a backing to frame rocks he found during his walks in nature.

The metallic and “jewel” fabrics come from SCRAP, an awesome supply warehouse for artists to get completely random stuff for very cheap. Much of the stuff there is priced, but a lot of it is on the honor system too, meaning you pay what you think it’s worth. The buttons are from my ridiculously awesome button collection, I rarely ever bought buttons from an actual store, it’s usually been from thrifty/second hand type places, or I just accumulate them from the ground or old garments.

Looking for a job is tough on my sensitive soul, but I’m hanging in there. In the meantime, I’m thankful for time to be arting.



Switchin’ it up

Posted on September 5, 2011

It’s labor day and, I guess you could say I’m not laboring, so it’s a win win. Summer is over, fall is here (which in San Francisco, doesn’t feel too different, so I gotta announce it to keep the sanity), and as one thing leads to another as it often does, I am deciding to move on from Peekadoodle to focus more directly on my art and design endeavors. I am in San Francisco after all, if I’m not swimming in my artsy fartsiest strokes now, then when? “Don’t worry, be happy” goes a long way, at least in my mind. My family had this evergreen sweatshirt with this oh so popular phrase on it, and next to the ridiculously bewitched font, was a crazy happy sun. I wish I had a picture! Maybe in my family photo archives, somewhere. This sweatshirt was the first time I had heard this phrase, so this sunny, 80’s laden image always sticks in my head. But, since we are switchin’ it up, here’s a fresh image to associate instead:


Lookin for a job isn’t the most fun, but I am feeling good about my decision and plans ahead. So, onward with Happles!

New job!

Posted on June 11, 2011

Took a bit of a hiatus for a few months. But good news: I have a job! I am now working at Peekadoodle Kidsclub. I started working full time at the end of March, as a barista for their cafe. Starting Monday, I’ll be starting a new job a teacher for the kidscamp for the 3-5 year olds. I’m excited!! We’ll be doing fun projects in art, cooking, science, and gym. Just now, I listened to a great podcast about the importance of preschool. Turns out putting kids in preschool or a similar atmosphere is one of the best ways to improve the world. It’s no small job!

So, things have been kinda crazy the past few months, getting used to any new job is an adjustment, and now I’ll be transitioning again. It has been nice to be in a place finally where we have extra income that is not swept away into debt repayment. Already in April, my bike got stolen when I was helping a friend move, I locked it up on a high crime street, and it was gone in the morning. Traumatic, yes, since I’ve had that bike since I was 15, but it was a good opportunity to find a bike that is exactly what I want for my new life in San Francisco. After several months of research and going to every freaking bike store in town, I chose my beautiful stallion, the Public D8. I’ll spare the bike nerd talk for later, but I fell in love and haven’t looked back since. Anyway, that has been a hefty aggressive purchase that took a lot of mental strength to make, but I love my new bike. Pictures of my sweet wheels soon to come.

Some things I’ve done in the past few months:

My first Giants game with my Peekadoodle crew:) It was a lil chilly but had a great time, the stadium is right on the water and we had the best view!


With Tunga, trying to keep warm

The boyz.

This is a mural of an underwater scene on the outside of a theater on Polk St (the street I commute on to work) that was being painted last month. I got to snag a pic of the artists in action:


A love for fishies

My favorite thing to come across on the streets of San Francisco:

Calla Lilies just quietly glowing in people "yards."

My most favorite eatery yet. It’s called Frijz and it’s rad. Their sandwiches are named after painters, and their decor is superhero themed, in the most perfectly unexpected and tasteful way:


It feels like a hip museum inside. Oh, the food is great, too:P