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naka_cutiewebRiver Drum is an artist living in San Francisco, California.  Her interests include recognizing the power of art in daily life, anything gender and relationship related, holistic health, especially from an Eastern perspective, watching educational films and documentaries, tea, fashion and general adornment, edgy and alternative cooking and baking, sustainable living, eggs, what Western culture can learn from Eastern religions, philosophies, and lifestyles, laughing, animals and what we have to learn from them, the human brain and the topic of left/right brain differences, baby development and alternative parenting, the impact of effective design, long run-on sentences, and most importantly, the power of love and respect on society.

River grew up in Columbia, Maryland, a suburb between Baltimore and D.C. She studied the arts in college, focusing on painting/drawing, and later, interactive, installation, and outsider art, using fabric and projection as primary mediums.  She currently has a jewelry line and works as a freelance graphic designer, lives with her hubby and two kitties, Naka and Nuggie, and loves biking the beautiful terrain in San Francisco.